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Lamar Flowers aka
Major Payne”!!

I’m glad your excited about working with me. 
I can definitely help you reach your fitness goals 
whether it’s jumping
Higher, running Faster, or getting Stronger!


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What I need from you:


Text me at 612.756.5623 or click here--->

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-The Major Way is the ultimate commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
-The Major way is a never quit, never give up, always GRIT and GRIND type of mentality.
-The Major Way is your mind and body is a temple. 
Love your Mind, Body, and Soul. 

-And most importantly DREAM BIG!

Yasir Baig

“I wanted to dunk and I wanted to get better.” These were the first words I said to my trainer coach Lamar and he understood what the definition “work” meant. At first I was a little hesitant in doing training sessions. I barely knew Lamar and the sessions were not cheap. But man once we started, it was like I was training with an NBA trainer. Seriously. The stuff that we did made me almost wanna quit the first couple of training sessions, but Lamar wouldn’t let me. And that’s why I succeeded. By not giving up. I had a coach who pushed me through all the hell I went through not just on the court and in the weight room, but outside of all that as well. It was like training with my mentor. The stuff that he promised in the beginning was fulfilled, my vertical increased and I got bigger and stronger. If I had stopped none of that would’ve been achieved. Even after our training sessions expired, we still stayed in touch and he still was looking out for my health and well being. Please if your an athlete struggling to get bigger, quicker and want to jump higher, this is the man you want!" 

 James A. Barbato Jr.

"So much of sports, athletic endeavors, require not only ability, but most importantly confidence. When I came to Major Payne. I had zero confidence in my ability. From day one Lamar believed in me. He understood my goals and my limitations, established an action plan and then we got to work. I had not run in six years and at 56 I now run faster than I ever imagined I could at this age. And, I will be playing baseball (the goal) this summer. Bottom line is this: if you have a Dream, Major Payne will help you believe in that Dream, work toward that Dream and achieve that Dream."